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Why SparkStarter?

You have the perfect single friend. Even if you are in a relationship, you can still help a friend!
You're over meeting people at the bar or through a lame monthly subscription.
Let's be honest, you have a ton of Facebook friends and are kind of a big deal. Some of those friends must be compatible.
Your friends have ridiculously good looking friends, and you would kill for an introduction.

We didn't invent the concept of meeting through a friend - we just made it easier.

Login with Facebook (we won’t post on your timeline)
Decide to play matchmaker or search for yourself
Browse users including friends and friends of friends
Vote up to introduce or to get introduced
Mutual interest lets the two users chat on SparkStarter
Take it offline and turn the Spark into something more

SparkStarter in the News

Start a Spark

Starting Sparks is all about making the initial introduction. A Spark is something to get a relationship going. While we use Facebook information to provide hints on whether two people might be good for each other, we also encourage friends to influence the match by voting up, which increases the compatibility score of the match. We hope to start Sparks for two people so that they can turn the Spark into something more.

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